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roundcreated by General one man (We, 2.7.08 7:18:21)
Replies: 174"Tja dann lasst mal die Putzteufel raushängen"last posting by ogshaft (Tu, 16.11.10 18:11:45)
Assassinate the Admincreated by [DA]Darkman (Su, 2.5.10 16:01:51)
Replies: 66"der hat angst vor mir "last posting by Mary J. (Th, 26.8.10 19:56:16)
Recruitment!created by General Patton (Sa, 1.11.08 16:29:03)
Replies: 15"I'm GhostfaceKillah from FARCEP"last posting by General de División Trailerpark (Tu, 4.5.10 17:01:33)
Die alte Generation ;-)created by Akemmer (Mo, 30.3.09 9:17:58)
Replies: 91"Na dann viel Spaß. "last posting by [DA]Darkman (Tu, 10.11.09 19:56:42)
niisiiscreated by jann (Th, 27.10.05 12:00:18)
Replies: 193"viimane round ja mi lõppeb nagu alati suure lüüa saamisega,..."last posting by General one man (We, 14.10.09 6:21:44)
zum Angriff....created by Generalmajor *Joker* (Th, 22.5.08 21:19:02)
Replies: 133"jo jo jo"last posting by General KFZV (Su, 23.8.09 7:09:38)
Geldcreated by Generalleutnant Tripperking (Mo, 9.2.09 20:35:33)
Replies: 40"man so macht das spaß hilfsbereite menschen kennen..."last posting by unknown (Tu, 3.3.09 13:46:01)
HAPPY Halloween!created by General Patton (Fr, 31.10.08 23:15:18)
Replies: 4"LOL darki, das war ja echt n geiler clip! ..."last posting by General Herostratos (Su, 2.11.08 15:57:25)
English Tutorialcreated by Rinkadink (We, 4.4.07 5:07:24)
Replies: 1"Vielen Dank, dass ihr das Tutorial zeitweise übersetzt..."last posting by [DA]Darkman (Su, 26.10.08 2:22:40)
A Guide to Unconventional Warfarecreated by Lieutenant General firehelper (Th, 18.9.08 3:05:03)
Replies: 10"I like this post on th fact that it did happen a couple..."last posting by Arucard (We, 8.10.08 9:34:00)

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