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General Da B3sT, Mo, 24.12.12 12:15:40:

Shut the fu*k up by accusing me of owning second account. Your dear paul von has banned a lot of times before this one. Come accuse everybody when you have some proofs about it.
Let darkman explains you why he got banned again!!!
General KFZV, Mo, 24.12.12 13:10:37:

If darkmann say they are multis i belvie it. Finnaly they are brothers but then they must be carefully and schould not use the same ip.

I was somone how said that da Da b3.. is a multi but at this time i think that is not real. Funny was the moment were i see that in the multi block stants i and he are multis that was crazy and is not real

So happy christmas to you all and stop spam and crie

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