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Topic: "Rise of The NDF"

Korpskommandant Krave, Su, 18.10.15 3:45:06:

The NDF or Native Defense Forces is a Tribe of Native Arabs In Afghanistan and Pakistan , who were tired of being ruled by the Foreigners. Chief Mujahid Fadel leader of the NDF said that, "We did not want a war, but After they Massacred us in our homes, after they beat us in front of our children and after they Murdered our Mothers and Father in front of our Eyes, Enough is Enough" The NDF then began raiding Armories, although 500 of them died in the Armory Raids, there are still 20,000 NDF fighters who are willing to die for the Cause. " We just want our Homes Back, We want our children back in school, and we want Equal Rights as everyone else. But the Government is not willing to do this, so we must do it ourselves" this is what one of the Soldiers had to say. Although Many worry that General Kraven, one of the Many Foreign Fighters in the war is willing to even consider peace, He has shown compation and in one of the villages he recently conqured, all non combatants were given food, water, electricity and the damages done to the Village were repaired by the NDF engineers. General Kraven has also paid for several schools to be built. Mujahid Fadel said that nothing short of Independence and 100,000,000 in reparations would be accepted from the Governmental forces.
All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances.
dubium latet, Tu, 20.10.15 15:56:05:

Pakistan and Afghanistan are in a better state than they were ever before. Any statements suggesting otherwise are based on lies. Any attacks by the NDF will be taken as an act of terror.

The gouvernment does not support any kind of terrorism, it cuts it by its roots.
Korpskommandant Krave, Th, 22.10.15 15:45:23:

We are not terrorist, we demand the right to govern ourselves. the recent government Attacks on our protesters, shows that they themselves are liars. We were just defending ourselves when we fought back
All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances.

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