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War reportscreated by Oberstleutnant Ats (Tu, 10.1.06 9:51:54)
Replies: 4763"Hätt ja klappen können. War aber mehr als Versuch gedacht,..."last posting by Generalleutnant Ares (Tu, 2.5.23 13:06:23)
huhu testcreated by knautschzone (Sa, 4.6.22 0:25:25)
Replies: 8"nope, den Markt im Blick behalten. Ich wünschte es..."last posting by General Lucio Collonie (Th, 27.4.23 9:58:07)
Do you need some money?created by Bärwolf (Mo, 4.5.15 7:57:20)
Replies: 2"Ich brauche auch geld. Wer kann mir was leihen?"last posting by Blue (Su, 7.1.18 18:35:51)
Vote for Modern Conquest!created by NewRPG (Fr, 30.10.15 8:27:51)
"Greetings, players! Modern Conquest is now added..."last posting by NewRPG (Fr, 30.10.15 8:27:51)
{Went missing?}created by Crassus (We, 15.7.15 10:40:46)
Replies: 1"ju Looking for me mate"last posting by Korpskommandant Krave (Fr, 14.8.15 15:59:15)
Trade requestcreated by Bärwolf (Tu, 12.5.15 22:04:03)
Replies: 3""last posting by knautschzone (Th, 9.7.15 21:24:48)
Tallycreated by General Patton (Mo, 27.4.15 18:02:25)
" Successfull assasination attemps thus far..."last posting by General Patton (We, 29.4.15 3:51:53)
Chatcreated by General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis (Th, 11.9.14 13:24:46)
Replies: 18"Well it's quite a lot of fun I didn't want to do..."last posting by Bärwolf (Tu, 21.4.15 22:26:58)
Capitulating Statecreated by General Patton (Mo, 16.2.15 22:34:36)
Replies: 9"I just Wonder why You joined a Union"last posting by Bärwolf (We, 25.3.15 11:55:26)
Cheatercreated by General Patton (We, 7.1.15 19:34:49)
Replies: 19"nicht nur er spielte mit dir in einem team. osit..."last posting by WhatzUp? (Sa, 7.2.15 20:17:49)
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