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Topic: "How many body guards should I buy"

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Joselito, Fr, 3.7.20 11:04:45:

The title sums up my questions
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Mo, 6.7.20 6:53:47:
Depends on who is playing. as the game goes on you may keep getting more and more. that way you are not out classed. Once you are assassinated it can be hard to build up enough cash to buy body guards.
"This is new Lumis!"
Joselito, Tu, 7.7.20 20:50:33:

I dont know what im doing this game seems really complicated. i found this on a text based browser listed site. how does trade work? also im not sure what the difference in rebels, and fanatics are. how do i get infantry and tanks? my last question: is there anyway i can join a team or something? i need help XD
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Th, 9.7.20 4:30:48:
Well, there are not too many people who play this game anymore. I do love it to death and will likely play it to my or its grave.

There is an tutorial on the right side of the screen just above and to the right of the "big red button."

Also click on forum and look for the FAQ in English or German.

Read those I can fill you in on anything you miss or don't understand.

Its a really fun game if ya got the time.

Trade can be very time consuming but its a good way to get ahead of a person in money quickly.

let me know if you need any specific help. I am here to help.

"This is new Lumis!"
Joselito, Fr, 10.7.20 8:34:49:

i am giving the criminal underworld aspect a run i love that theres politics andddd crime and also trade this is so dope
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Sa, 11.7.20 0:31:20:
It is dope.

This game operates on a long 55 day round.
It can end early if someone owns 95% of the total countries.

I will hit that mark in less than two days.

About criminals,

When you do crime, if you become president of a country your criminals will abandon you over time. It normally only works of ya have a buddy. You would do crime and give the earning to someone in your union.
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Joselito, Sa, 11.7.20 4:41:00:

OHHHHH i get it!!! Also, i noticed Colombia and Venezuela give wayyy more crime and income than the rest of the caribbean combined, next round ima join in Brazil, start off in a high pop, low income area to get the most from the criminals- the tutorial said Nigeria in africa or the cities in India and Bangladesh would be a good place as well
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Sa, 11.7.20 7:17:41:
Also, what you gotta worry about is someone else owning your country that you are crimping in. If the become president and the cities are loyal to them, they can turn on ordinances. They will kill off your crime units. This is why you dont really want anyone to own them at all.
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knautschzone, Th, 22.10.20 14:48:37:
wtf are you doing? Dont annoy weak players.

Du wurdest durch einen versuchten Anschlag schwer verwundet Do, 22.10.20 8:46:50
Unglücklicherweise bist Du Ziel eines Anschlags geworden, aber du konntest im letzten Moment dein Leben retten und musst jetzt deine Wunden verarzten.
Geld verloren: 35.004.251 €

General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Fr, 23.10.20 3:19:20:
I would only do it if ya did it to me. Or if I thought you did it to me. Not my work.
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