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Topic: "Factories in Europe for all to use"

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unknown, Sa, 15.1.05 15:31:25:

any person who is not in Revo is welcome to use the new plane factory and tank factory I took from Niggah.  Located in Prague it is very close to many of Niggah's rich countries.  Message me and I will let you use them.
General niggah, Sa, 15.1.05 19:55:43:
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how sweet
in love

#1 DunklerEngel 28.846 von Lieutenant General zu General
unknown, Sa, 15.1.05 20:00:06:

Falsh....     ******
unknown, Sa, 15.1.05 20:26:43:

I have made it so you can use the factories kondor.
unknown, Sa, 15.1.05 20:29:34:

unknown, Su, 16.1.05 2:04:04:

Hauptmann Franco, Tu, 9.8.05 18:29:40:
Hello!I have a Barrac in austria, and all people can use it,and pay soldiers.
Brigadegeneral The1stFaint, We, 10.8.05 19:29:33:
In Paris, my tankfactory for all open!!!
buy buy buy
Bin im wahren Leben ein kranker Fortuna Düsseldorf Fanatiker.
Legt euch nicht mit Roman an!
Captain Lurtz109, Th, 11.8.05 23:09:40:

In Turin and Hamburg, I have Facilities that anyone can use. BUY!! BUY!!! BUY!!!
unknown, Fr, 12.8.05 11:17:54:

i bought
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