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unknown, Th, 10.2.05 2:03:55:

note to self: the key to survival=not pissing ppl off

rock on
unknown, Th, 10.2.05 2:54:07:

Incorrect! The key to survival is being stronger then those who you piss off! Oh, and OF COURSE you ACCIDENTLY pissed them off...right?
unknown, Th, 10.2.05 5:53:02:

If they had gotten their noses into my business like the WTO and Niggah did they would be dead too.  Simple as that.

Hehe Yeah sure. Also like the Ü9 and the GOURA in India right? hahaha
unknown, Th, 10.2.05 19:12:23:

Goura?  U9?  Who are they and what happened in India?  I think you are spreading lies Yuri.  Be careful or I might make it a priority next round to keep you and your boys in Deagles off the map if you catch my drift.  Don't forget that i am insane.
Generalmajor König Boris, Th, 10.2.05 19:28:46:
...survival of the fittest?
Hauptsache Ignoranz gesichert.
Brigadegeneral Mahaprabhu, Th, 10.2.05 19:37:45:
Yes, that must be, dear Osama bin Marvin: You are somehow insane!

Just remember: You promised to fight Niggah. Therefore Ü9 and we GOURA give you the permission to build your troops in Dehli, India.

You also said, if you wanted to catch Dehli, all your troops would be already there and we all would be dead. So you keeped us in a false security thinking.

Fortunately I never believed in your lies about your India plans and I arranged my troops and Gauri his troops to come more and more closer to India. Maybe you realized that and quickly you started your fight in India against us (Ü9 and GOURA). After you defeated our troops in Dehli you stand there with 27000 soldiers or other stuff like tanks etc.

So, after your underhand action in Dehli, Ü9 and GOURA killed all your troops down to zero.

Hope, this helps your memory.

herefore I say now: everybody who beliefs in your words must be insane too! Everything clear?

Black_Gambler, GOURA
All you need is LOVE
unknown, Th, 10.2.05 19:45:39:

don't believe that anyone would invite osama to his union besides me
unknown, Th, 10.2.05 19:57:29:

Actually, it went like this:  I joined the fight against Niggah, but Goura and U9 did nothing but whine and cry that they were afraid I would turn on them and attack.  I got sick of their whining and did attack just to teach em a lesson.  Many of my brave troops died in this pointless battle.  If Goura and U9 didn't flood my e-mail with questions about my loyaly I wouldn't have tired of their antics and attacked them.  Every day i logged in I got a message asking me when I would attack Niggah, or If I was lying to them.  this doesn't foster trust between allies.  
Rinkadink, Th, 10.2.05 21:11:50:

That's nonsense.

I asked you once, how it can help you in your fight against niggah, to move all your troops to India, when niggah's troops are miles away in Europe and Russia.
And I guess Gauri and Gambler did the same.
The fact, you've got the same questions three times is nothing special when there are three people who can ask.

And we didn't do anything against niggah? You are absolutely right, but I was still busy to start revolutions against Che. (I enjoyed Paris. )
I don't know if or what GOURA did but I at least fought against Revo at that time. So don't come like a saint and tell me, you didn't intend to take over New Dehli just from the moment on, you've sent your troops to India.
Or maybe that was just another of your sudden random attacks.
For me it doesn't matter what it was exactly, either way you have lost any trust from me.

Maybe you're just sitting in front of your computer laughing on all those fools that we are, because you can talk whatever shit you like and we take it serious. Maybe you are just here to make fun of us all and as it seems you are getting a very good show.
However, for all the fun you get, you are losing nearly every ounce of trust from all the players you fooled since you are playing. I hope you are happy with that. And if not, that's fine too, because it isn't my problem.

I hope you enjoyed this post and laughed hard about all the bullshit I'm writing...
Brigadegeneral Mahaprabhu, Th, 10.2.05 22:20:05:
I agree fully with you, Ranti

Maybe he got some mails from the ghosts in his mind

All you need is LOVE

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