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Topic: "AFI is crippledin Afghanistan"

unknown, Su, 5.6.05 1:52:12:

they have been severly cripled and unless they buy units it is free now is the time to strike
unknown, Su, 5.6.05 3:32:34:

dude. you don't tell them how to defeat you in a public post.
unknown, Su, 5.6.05 3:54:04:

i was defeted i have no units left i said i crippled them
unknown, Su, 5.6.05 12:50:47:

always good for a laugh
unknown, Su, 5.6.05 22:49:21:

thats so nfair no matter howmeny times i try to get them out of afghanistan they always come back
unknown, Su, 5.6.05 23:23:49:

Tough luck, with resources like AFI has, it's difficult to loose such areas, they can raise an army anywhere in a heartbeat, without even having to stretch themselves, that's the breaks of fighting a supperior foe, it'll take A LOT more then one person acting alone to take them down, but the hard part will be keeping them down, esspecially with thier iron grip around the underground... Nice work Wussov, even survived a banned time period there "Applause"

unknown, Sa, 20.8.05 22:06:00:

Hey lütlis ich nim jetzt den gli kabul i
Captain Lurtz109, Mo, 22.8.05 2:26:28:

Speak english kilian
Rinkadink, Mo, 22.8.05 14:22:10:

He said, that he'll take over Kabul soon. (considering the post's date he should already have done that, but I don't see him being the mayor of Kabul )

btw. What he wrote wasn't "real" German, but a Switzerlandish (can you say that?) accent. Just in case you wanted to know...
Chaos, Mo, 22.8.05 14:23:17:

you can say German with a Swiss dialect
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