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Topic: "care esti frate pe aici !?"

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x32cvs42, Fr, 2.12.05 9:59:21:

bah care esti pe aici .. datzi un semn de viatza !!
onukoll, Fr, 2.12.05 11:48:00:
w0w !!! what language is that??
Rinkadink, Fr, 2.12.05 14:49:03:

I guess it's Romanian (or however you call this language in English).
unknown, Fr, 2.12.05 14:55:06:

yup Romanian ( i mean tay's english, i dont know the language either )
onukoll, Fr, 2.12.05 15:01:36:
dam wtf is romania??
unknown, Fr, 2.12.05 15:12:30:

onukoll, Fr, 2.12.05 18:39:43:
(nagu ma ei teaks) lihtsalt väike alandus....
unknown, Fr, 2.12.05 18:44:52:

Aa. Sinust on raske aru saada
troyager, Fr, 2.12.05 22:48:02:
eu sunt
cum se joaca bre chestia asta ca doar ce m-am bagat
Rinkadink, Fr, 2.12.05 23:20:08:

For all that wonder how I come to say it's Romanian: Look in which forum this thread was started - it's the forum for Romania so it can either be coincidence or the person writing is from Romania and thus writes Romanian. Sounds logical, right.
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