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Rules for participation in Modern Conquest:

1 Nothing of what Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf reports in this game is to be considered true, valid or complainable in any way.

2 Participation in this game is open and free to everyone as long as these rules are being obeyed. Breaking the rules can lead to account deletion or even life-time bans.

3 Modern Conquest will not take responsibility for any damages or data loss caused by within the game and does not necessarily offer indemnifications. However, personal data is considered private and will therefore not be traded to third parties. Nevertheless, everyone has to take care of his account - if you don't enter data that is harmful if spied upon, you will not have to worry.

  • 3.1 If you do not join this game from the official homepage of Modern Conquest, but from a private version of it, you additionally accept, that other administrators possess a limited access to account data. They act selfresponsible and therefore have to obey these rules only within their own discretion.
4 As this game is based within a world-wide reality genre it is likely that some users might be seduced to contribute racist contents, which is strictly forbidden. Furthermore it is not allowed to post pornographic, illegal and copyright-protected contents that violate international law in the first and German law in the second instance.

5 Every member has the duty to behave correctly and to obey the netiquette. This means that every kind of offensive behaviour is restricted and courtesy is welcome, especially by helping newbies. This point also contains the prohibition on spamming and mass-messaging.

6 All players are allowed to have only one account - account sitting is not allowed! Logging in from the same computer or the same internetconnection is prohibited, too. Multiaccounts can be deleted by the Modern Conquest Administrator without reason and the email used to authenticate will irrevocably be added to a black list. Bots or others programs, that automate the game play, are not allowed either. In order to avoid any abuse as good as possible the Multicheck has been created, an AI that blocks multiple accounts on it's own by logging and evaluating all kind of activities.

7 Hacking and all similar activities are forbidden. If there is a bug within the game, the player must report it to the authorities by a message within the game, email or within the forum among the "game requests". The abuse of security holes equals hacking and will therefore be punished, in especially serious cases even by law.

8 These rules can be altered and must be accepted and obeyed in their current state.