How to begin

At the beginning a player has nothing: no money, no units, no fame.
In order to start off well, you should choose a good country to begin with.

The country you choose should have the following characteristics:
Once you have found your country of choice, it most likely will be too late, because you will already have chosen your starting country.
In order to change it, you can reset your account in the options screen (Attention: Don't delete your account by accident!).
Resetting your account at the beginning of a round or when playing for the first time will not have any negative effects.

In order to start gathering units, you have to follow the link to your home country which you will find on the "Personal Information" screen.
There you will find the following list of units to gather:
When playing for the first time, you should select those units, which you prefer most.
But if you want to get seriously involved in the gameplay from the beginning, you should consider to following hints:
  1. Although rebels and fanatics are military units, they are inferior when fighting mechanical or airborne units.
    Do not overestimate having a large army. Even though these units are capable of fighing, most them are not ill-suited for it.
    However, only military units can take over towns and provide the required military presence.

  2. The aggressivity- and crimerates of a country have a different influence on the amount of units gathered.
    The amount of rebels will only be affected by the aggressivity rate, the amount of criminal units exclusively by the crimerate.
    For the amount of gathered fanatics both of the statistics are equally important.

  3. Criminal units can neither engage military units in battle nor be attacked by them.
    Only criminal units can be active in the underground and their only purpose is to earn money committing crimes and take part in gang warfares.

  4. Rebels can plot rebellions in towns, fanatics can call out for a holy war.
    By doing this, they can cause a town to revolt, overthrow the local authority and expel enemy forces, causing them to desert or change sides.

That much for a sneak peek on the way the game is being played.
But in order to be successful in this game, you should read all of the tutorials on here and be prepared to accept defeat in the beginning.