The Objective

Although Modern Conquest might be a real-time strategy game, it is also round-based.
The total duration of a round may differ, but you can find out the remaining time until the next round on the news page.
Every round finishes, when the countdown expires.
If 95% of all the countries in the world have been conquered by either a player or a union and the remaining duration of the round is longer that one day, the countdown will be set to 24 hours.
The player or union with the most points owned due to controlling countries and towns is considered the winner of that round.
Every player, that has managed to procure points at the end of the round will be added to the "Hall of Fame".
All procured points will be saved for every player, who will then be assigned a rank according to the amount of points.

The point calculation works as follows:
The points, which are being used to determine the winner, are those taken at the end of a round.
Once the round is over, a new one begins immediately, in which all accounts will be reset.