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Generalmajor König Boris, Su, 6.2.05 8:19:51:
Frequently Asked Questions (v.2)
This FAQ has been discontinued and might not be up-to-date!
Die deutsche FAQ gibts hier
Translated by Taytanchik Ranti(big thx)!

1. What is Modern Conquest? Modern Conquest is a free browser-strategy-game. It is about taking over the world with more or less common methods. Basically you can choose to be a criminal or a politician. This depends on what kind of units you gather. Rebels and fanatics are good for politicians and criminal units are good for criminals.

2. How to start? At the beginning it is very important to gather units. No matter if criminals, rebels or fanatics, it’s important to choose the right country (question 21). If you gather two hours in secret hideout you should have gained enough money to move in a city. Life in a city has many advantages (which will be mentioned later) but also one disadvantage: You can be killed by assassins. You’ll then lose all your money on your account. You can save the money, by hiding it in your buildings.

3. How do I get points? You get points by taking over cities and countries. But you have to reach a minimum military presence to get all the points of a city. If you can defend the city or country until the reset you’ll get into the Hall of Fame (in the statistics). Additionally you’ll get a military rank, dependant of how many points you have got. (the points of each rount are added up)

4. What happens after I get assassinated? You’ll lose all your money which was not hidden in buildings and you have to rest in the secret hideout of the country you lived just before the attack for 24 hours to heal your wounds.

5. How do I gather units? When you start the game for the first time, you’ll notice, that you have nothing at all. You can change that by gathering units. Beside the units you’ll gain some money for every gathered unit.
Also the respective fame level will rise and the higher your fame level the more units you can gather.
To gather units you have to choose the country that you have chosen to live in.

6. What is the difference between rebels, fanatics and criminals? /size] Basically rebels and fanatics are military units. Criminals are special and can’t be attacked by military units like rebels and fanatics. Criminals can only be killed by criminals.
Rebels and fanatics differ in their different strength of attack and defence values against infantery, tanks and planes. Gathering fanatics also means to get less units but more money and vice versa for rebels.
Criminals will get you the most money, but therefore you don’t have any military strength.

3] 7. What can I do, to increase the number of gathered units? [/size][/color] When gathering in a secret hideout, you’ll get very few units. You can increase this number by moving in a city. Dependant in a city is the population. The more inhabitants the more units.
But also the wrong country can be a problem. More about that in question 21.

8. What do I do now with my criminals? Criminals are there to be put in different branches. They will do criminal activities and dependant of the branch you will get money in a certain interval. (tutorial -> crime types). To get your criminals work you have to send them in the underground. Chose a city in which you have units and click „visit the underground“ and then click “Initiate crime”. Now you can choose different branches for your criminals. Be careful, some branches can already be occupied. Sending criminals in these branches might initiate a streetfight. How much money you gain, is dependant to the city’s population.

9. How to earn money? ”Money equals might” – this motto is very important in Modern Conquest. You can do lots of things with money and therefore it is important to get yourself a high income.

You can get money in four different ways:

- Gathering units
- Finishing crimes
- Gaining inland revenues
- Trading

There is only one problem: You can’t do all these four things at the same time. You only can gather, or initiate crimes when you don’t have any loyal mayoral or presidental office. Inland revenues make up the biggest part of Modern Conquest. The advantage over crimes is, that you earn the money in constant intervals (every 6 hours). To gain the inland revenues you need to become a mayor or president somewhere(loyal or disloyal). When you are president and rule over a disloyal city you won’t get any money from this city.

10. How do I move/deploy troops and caravans? To deploy troops you just have to click on the country you want to send your units to. Near the bottom is the link “troop deployment”. Click on that, the rest should be self-explaining.

11. Why does it says, my criminals got busted? Or why do I lose criminals all the time. There can be two reasons. Either you are president and lose criminals (because they don’t trust you anymore) no matter if they are in the underground or not, or the president has activated ordinances against your criminals. Then you only lose criminals which are in the underground and in the affected branches.

12. What is that Big Red Button (BRB) for? In the past there often were problems with the cronjobs of the server. These problems are abandoned by the BRB. When an action (gathering e.g.) is finished the status says „finishing“. You can then click the BRB to finish the action immediately. Else the action will be finished by the cronjob after some minutes.

13. What is the Hall of Fame? You can find the Hall Of Fame in the statistics. Here you can see all the veterans listet from earlier round (since round 6). Mentioned are only the players that could hold cities or countries until the end and could get points. (The points of all rounds are added up.)

14. What does the political fame mean and what do I do against negative fame? The political fame is quite new in Modern Conquest. The fame tells you if you are liked by the nation or not. You can see that when you look for your political fame in a city. (cityview – “present detailed information on this town” (red protest signs show negative fame, ensigns show positiv fame)
If your fame is negative you shouldn’t be indifferent, because the more your negative fame grows the higher the chance that an opponent initiates a rebellion/holy war. And if you get three potest signs you won’t get the revenue and will lose your mayor office of that city, which then turns disloyal.
As a president the city will just turn disloyal and won’t pay you the taxes.
So what can you do, when you are disliked? First you should know where your negative fame comes from.
Either you have (own or other) criminals working in the underground of one of your cities, or you have an office over a disloyal city.
One solution is to activate ordinances(question 15). If you do so, your fame as a president will increase with every revenue. When you have disloyal cities you should either take them over as a president (in your own country) to turn them to loyal cities, or should give up the city.

15. What are ordinance good for?Ordinances can be seen as national campaigns. They reduce the number of criminals whenever they finish a crime. To activate an ordinance you have to pay a certain amount of money to just initiate it. Additionally you have to pay money to keep it going, with every revenue.
Two ordinances are left, which have nothing to do with fighting criminals.
The sateliteprogram is used to view buildings in the hideout of the country(own and other), which then can be captured by the anyone(the results of the program are public) with troops.
The last ordinance is the anti-terror campaign. It prevents players from hiring units in the country’s hideout. This ordinance only is usefull in small countries where you are in danger of being blitzed.

16. What are the differences between the four treaties? Alliance treaty
You will help your ally to attack enemy troops and you will defend his/her troops, when (s)he is being attacked.

Anti-aggression treaty
You won’t help your ally to attack enemy troops, but you’ll defend his/her troops when (s)he is being attacked.

Non-aggression treaty
You don’t support your ally in any way, but you can’t fight each other.

Fragile alliance treaty
This treaty is just like the alliance treaty but you can attack ally!


17. What is the VIP list? The VIP list is used mainly to recognice people when they rename themselves. But you can also use it to quickly send messages to people or watch their profiles (do they have new units or buildings which you should kill or take over?)

18. Revolutions and Holy wars The reason why people start a revolution is often is the negative (political) fame level. This is an important point but not the only one. Also important for a revolution is the number of units in the city where the revolution shall take place.

19. Espionage Espionage is quite an interesting method. You can find out secret information (buildings and units in secret hideouts, the numbers of assassins, spies, bodyguards) from your enemy with it. To spy someone you have to hire spies (personal information -> hire special units). Then you choose your victim. View the personal information and click on “start an investigation”. Now the spies will try to find out everything about this person.
The only thing you can do to prevent espionage is to by spies. In the case that someone tries to get your secrets, they will fight against the enemy spies.
To spy someone needs some time, but 24 hours can be worth the waiting.
The amount of information you receive depends on the percentage of your spies involved (when it comes to a fight).
When you have 9 spies and the other one has 1 spy, the total number is 10. You have 9 (90%) spies and so you’ll receive 90% of the enemy secret data.

20. How can I assassinate someone? First you have to hire assassins (personal information -> hire special units). Choose a victim, view his/her personal information and click “order assassination”. Best read through question 4grey]21. What is important, when choosing a country at the beginning?[/color][/b] The following factors are important. Aggressivity potential (for rebels and fanatics), crime rate (for criminals), a big city to gather more units.
A big city means a minimum of 1 million inhabitants. Else it isn’t that effective.
At the beginning you shouldn’t choose countries that are too big as well, because you’ll need more time and money then to move in a city. (e.g. USA or Russia would not be the best choices)
Maybe this way you can get a little
If you notice the country you already have chosen is not good for your purpose, you can just reset your account in options menu and choose another country.

See question 2 for some more information

22. What is the advantage of being godfather? As soon as you reach the fifth criminal fame level (shown as 5 coins) in a city you can fight for being godfather. As the godfather you have advantages as well es disadvantages. On one hand you’ll gain 50% of the money, which other criminals in this city get for crimes (when he doesn’t deny to pay taxes). As the respected godfather you have to support your „protégés“, when they have a streetfight (again, only if they pay the taxes). Finally the godfather can view, how many criminals any player has got in the underground and if they deny taxes or not.

23. How can I start a revolution/holy war and what do I have to consider? First, the only difference between a revolution and a holy war is the fame that will be used to calculate the revolution (rebel) or holy war (fanatic). A revolution takes one hour, but if you succed the causes can be devastating: The city will turn disloyal and the president’s units partially will defect to your side. But revolutions always were a difficult topic in Modern Conquest, because there are so many factors, which take influence on success and failure of the revolution. That is why you get detailed help here.

Before you start a revolution you have to calculate your own “revolution-score” and the score of the president/mayor.

1) Look up your rebel fame level in the country, where the revolution shall take place.
(-> present detailed information on this country). The stars are worth 1 point and the xx% become 0.xx
e.g. 4 stars and 77% -> 4.77 points

2) Look up the number of inhabitants of the city
Count the digits and substract 1. Then write the number of inhabitants behind the first number.
e.g. Paris 2,110,420 -> 7 digits – 1 = 6  -> 6.2110420 points

3) Look up how many rebels you have in the city
Like in 2) count the digits substract 1 and write the number behind. After that you have to divide this number by 2.
e.g. 1,000 rebels -> 4 digits – 1 = 3 -> 3.1 –> 1.55 points

Now add up all the points of 1), 2) and 3) to gain your score.
e.g. 4.77 + 6.211 + 1.55 = 12,531

4) Look up the political fame level of the president or mayor in the city you want the revolution
Just like in 1) but you have to double the value. When this fame is negative you later have to substract of the “revolution score” of the president. That is the reason, why political fame is that important for every serious “president player”.
e.g. 2 ensigns 80% -> 2.8 -> 5.6   /  1 protest sign 68% -> -1.68 -> -3.36

5) Look up the president’s / mayor’s infantery units in the city
Again this works like in 2) and 3), but you have to double the value.
It doesn’t matter if the units are fanatics, rebels or normal soldiers or if they are mixed.
e.g. 1,000 units -> 4 digits – 1 = 3 -> 3.1 -> 6.2 points

6) Look up the rebel fame of the politician in the statistics
This one can be problematic, because you can’t view the rebel fame in a certain country of other people. So you have to look in the statistics and take that value twice.
But most time the politicians don’t even have rebel fame anymore (-> 0 points). This is only for the beginning, when the future politicians don’t have political fame yet, to prevent too early revolutions.

Now add up the points of 4), 5) and 6) to gain the politicians score.
e.g. 5.6 + 6.2 + 0 = 11.8

Now compare the scores. If your score is higher, then the rebellion will be a success. Else you shouldn’t start a revolution.

For holy wars the formula is the same, except that you have to calculate with the fanatic fames and units.

As you can see, you have a bonus from your rebel or fanatic fame, when you start a career as a president, but it will soon be lost. Then the political fame will be most important – and if it is negative you can nearly watch your troops run away.

If you want you can also estimate how many troops will defect to you after the revolution. Therefore you have to look at the world map. In the background you can see little squares. Every square that the president is away from the revoluting city, means a defection of 5%. When (s)he is in the secret hideout, it will be even more.

Finally you can say, that for you as a revolutionist, the most important value is your rebel fame, while the presidents should rise their political fame.
A revolution can only be started, when the city has a mayor or if it is loyal under a president. But you can’t start a revolution, when the mayor or president him- or herself is in the city.

24. What does the protection of accomodations mean? When you live in an accomodation you get some additional defence against assassins.
Protection: 140 means, that 140 points are substracted of the attack points of attacking assassins.
One assassin has 15 attack points. That means, that this accomodation would eliminate 9 1/3 assassins before they fight against your bodyguards.

25. Troop deployment into secret hideouts The hideout is a very useful feature of Modern Conquest, that’s for sure. Noone else can see the troops you have there – not even if the sateliteprogram is active (only buildings will become visible then). The hideout is a good point to blitz someone. But there is one disadvantage – the long deployment duration. The bigger a country, the longer the deployment duration. So it is only possible to blitz out of small countries’ hideouts.
By the way, if you send troops from city A in country A into the hideout of country B, it will take just as long as it would take to the next city in B.

26. Why can’t I gather and recruit anymore? As soon as you become president or loyal mayor, all gathering activities will be stopped. Then you can only get new troops by buying them.

27. I am president and/or mayor, but why don’t I get money? At the beginning it is very tempting to immediatelly take over the country, that you’ve chosen at the start. And normally a lot of good things come with that – money for example. But you have to fulfill one important requirement, namely a certain amount of troops in a city.
To gain all the money you have to have a minimum military presence, which can be seen in the city. There you can see the line “Military presence: X/Y infantrymen”
It the number of your units in the city reaches X you will earn 0% of the revenues. The more you near to Y the more the percentage of revenues you’ll gain nears 100%

In your personal information under “your worldwide dominance” you can view how much money you earn in total.

28. What does “minimum military presence” mean?Read question 27.

29. How do I paste pictures? How do I change the color and size of my font?
And other useful funtions in the forums.
To paste a picture or to change your font, there are so called BBCodes (BulletinBoardCodes), but in MC they’re edited a bit. So on normally these have the following format [code]text[/code]. These remind of HTML, and BBCode was basically meant to make these commands accessible to everyone.
So here are some examples for BBCodes (the first parenthesis has to be replaced by a sqare bracked):

(b]This is bold font[/b] => This is bold
(i]This is italic font[/i] => This is italic
(u]This font is underlined[/u] => This font is underlined
(link]linkdescription[/desc]http://www.mydomain.tld[/link] => linkdescription

(email]name@server.tld[/email]=> name@server.tld
(quote]XYZ[/author]This was written by XYZ[/quote]=>
This was written by XYZ

You also can change the size of your font, by using “parameters”.
There are font, color and size:

(font=Verdana]You can use other fonts as well.(/font
(color=blue]You can use different colors(/color
blue]You can use different colors[/color]
(size=7]You can use values from 1 to 10 here.[/size] => You can use values from 1 to ten here

You just have to remember, that the color’s names have to be written in English.[/color]

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